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I asked the principal at school about jobs opening up next year and this was her reply:

HR is responsible for posting all positions.  They will likely wait to post until after they have staffing meetings with all buildings in the district.  These meetings take place in June.  I know they have to honor transfer requests, positions for those returning from a leave, and also placements for staff members from Northside who are not remaining there next year. 

They usually interview when they have multiple positions to fill.  I’m not sure if this is the plan but the best thing to do is watch the email postings.  If I hear of anything different, I will let you know.”
In other words, I’m fucked. I really want to stay here in Ann Arbor and I really want to teach, but I’m really beginning to wonder if I can have both those things. I’ve tried to stay positive about it, but prospects do not look good.

"With 71.8 inches, Tree City feels like Snow City this winter. In a normal snowfall season, Ann Arbor would have received just 37.9 inches of snow by Feb. 10, according to Dennis Kahlbaum, staff meteorologist at University of Michigan."